Amerigo Reports Q3-2021 Production Results

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Algemeen advies 13/10/2021 09:34
Quarterly copper production of 16 million pounds, 9% over Q3 guidance
Cash cost of $1.62/lb, 8% below Q3 guidance and lowest quarterly cash cost of 2021
Annual MVC plant maintenance shutdown successfully completed on schedule
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – October 12, 2021/Amerigo Resources Ltd. (TSX: ARG; ARREF:
OTC) is pleased to announce production results for the quarter ended September 30, 2021 (“Q3-2021”) from
Minera Valle Central ("MVC"), the Company’s 100% owned operation located near Rancagua, Chile. Dollar
amounts in this news release are in U.S. dollars.
In Q3-2021, MVC produced 16 million pounds (“M lbs”) of copper at a cash cost1 of $1.62 per pound (“/lb”) and
0.3 M lbs of molybdenum.
Q3-2021 copper production was at 109% of guidance2 (YTD-2021: 101% of guidance2), due to higher fresh
tailings tonnage and grade. During the quarter, MVC also successfully completed a series of planned plant
modifications which now allow it to process a higher throughput of fresh tailings without sacrificing recovery.
Production from fresh tailings in Q3-2021 accounted for 54% of quarterly production.
Molybdenum production in Q3-2021 was at 100% of guidance2 (YTD-2021: 95% of guidance2), marginally
affected as more copper production comes from fresh tailings than from Cauquenes, as fresh tailings have lower
molybdenum content.
Q3-2021 Q2-2021 Q1-2021 Q4-2020 Q3-2020
Fresh tailings
Tonnes per day 137,650 129,153 128,238 136,011 119,285
Operating days 84 89 90 92 92
Tonnes processed 11,562,611 11,533,405 11,541,378 12,512,980 10,974,235
Copper grade 0.152% 0.144% 0.143% 0.135% 0.136%
Copper recovery 22.3% 20.2% 19.3% 19.3% 20.4%
Copper produced (M lbs) 8.62 7.37 7.03 7.17 6.68
Cauquenes tailings
Tonnes per day 52,981 54,026 55,457 54,541 54,292
Operating days 81 87 87 91 79
Tonnes processed 4,267,203 4,701,475 4,811,171 4,985,031 4,362,040
Copper grade 0.238% 0.230% 0.242% 0.247% 0.245%
Copper recovery 33.0% 31.9% 33.1% 34.2% 34.5%
Copper produced (M lbs) 7.37 7.61 8.47 9.28 8.00
Copper produced (M lbs) 15.99 14.99 15.50 16.45 14.68
Copper delivered (M lbs) 16.90 15.13 15.11 15.90 14.92
Cash cost ($/lb) 1.62 1.81 1.88 1.65 1.80
Molybdenum produced (M lbs) 0.32 0.33 0.40 0.50 0.37
Molybdenum sold (M lbs) 0.34 0.33 0.36 0.50 0.37
- 2 -
“Amerigo completed Q3-2021 with very strong production results. The annual plant maintenance shutdown was
completed successfully and on schedule, and full production operations resumed on October 2, 2021. A total of
1,390 maintenance tasks and projects were completed safely and on time by our team in Chile to ensure MVC’s
plant continues to operate as expected”, said Aurora Davidson, Amerigo’s President and CEO.
Q3-2020 cash cost of $1.62/lb was 8% lower than the Company’s Q3 cash cost guidance of $1.76/lb3 due to
higher than projected production and lower than anticipated power, steel and lime costs.
MVC’s average copper price in Q3-2021 was $4.23/lb, compared to $4.44/lb in Q2-2021.
On September 30, 2021, the Company’s cash and restricted cash balance was $71 million (an increase of $18
million from June 30, 2021) and outstanding bank debt was $35 million (unchanged from June 30, 2021).
Release of Q3-2021 financial results on November 3, 2021
Amerigo will release Q3-2021 financial results at market open on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.
Investor conference call on November 4, 2021
Amerigo’s quarterly investor conference call will take place on Thursday, November 4, 2021, at 11:00 am Pacific
Time/2:00 pm Eastern Time. To join the call, please dial 1-888-664-6392 (Toll-Free North America) and enter
confirmation number 79182997.
121 Mining Investment Online Americas
Amerigo will be participating in the 121 Mining Investment Online Americas conference from October 13 to 15,
2021. CEO Aurora Davidson will be available for one-on-one meetings with investors for the duration of the event.
The 121 Mining Investment conference connects senior investors from institutional funds, private equity groups,
family offices and sector analysts that are based in Canada and USA, through one-on-one investor meetings
hosted virtually.
About Amerigo and MVC
Amerigo Resources Ltd. is an innovative copper producer with a long-term relationship with Corporación
Nacional del Cobre de Chile (“Codelco”), the world’s largest copper producer.
Amerigo produces copper concentrate and molybdenum concentrate as a by-product at the MVC operation in
Chile by processing fresh and historic tailings from Codelco’s El Teniente mine, the world's largest underground
copper mine. Tel: (604) 681-2802; Fax: (604) 682-2802; Web:; Listing: ARG:TSX.

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