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Algemeen advies 22/01/2023 07:43
Take a closer look at Hindustan Unilever – one of our best-performing businesses.

How has Hindustan Unilever (HUL), our business in India, grown in recent years?
Our business in India is the biggest in Unilever when it comes to the volume of products sold, and in January 2023 HUL was ranked among the country’s most valuable companies.

According to its results for the financial year 2021–22, HUL’s turnover growth of 11% and underlying volume growth at 3% were significantly ahead of the market, and its year-on-year market share gain was the highest HUL has seen in a decade. HUL announced its quarterly results (ending 31 December 2022) on 19 January 2023, with turnover up 16%. Read the full quarterly results announcement here.

In the past decade, HUL has adopted a successful growth strategy it calls Winning in Many Indias. Recognising that products, campaigns and logistics that work in one part of this incredibly diverse country might not work in another, HUL has developed individual business plans for 15 separate regional clusters.

Nine in ten Indian households use HUL brands, with products on sale in around 9 million retail outlets across the country. The business has 29 factories nationwide and 21,000 employees.

What is driving this strong growth?
India remains one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for consumer goods and by reaching more and more consumers in both urban and rural regions, we see enormous potential across the country. The Indian consumer is evolving fast. More people are entering the middle class, the working population is growing, and urbanisation is increasing, along with the rapid adoption of technology.

Consumers are increasingly upgrading to products with proven superiority. In recent years, HUL has seen strong results from several premium ranges such as Vim’s anti-bacterial dishwash, Lifebuoy’s hand hygiene products, and health drinks from Horlicks that are designed to support specific nutritional needs such as diabetes.

Our Premium Beauty business unit is also up and running, with digital-first brands including Simple, Love Beauty & Planet and Baby Dove. Read more about HUL’s consumer trends here.

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